I have been busy with school, real estate and work, this has not left me a lot of free time. I have had a lot going on in my life. I don’t think I have enough space to share it all. I am working on a paper for school and I have really struggled with it. I have had trouble concentrating on my work and getting past the issues in my life. My professor has been wonderful in working with me through this busy and difficult time.

I have three courses left until graduation. I cannot wait until the educational experience is over. It has been a wonderful experience and I have learned so much, but I need a reprieve. I am excited about getting to read my choice of reading materials for a change. Just sit back and read at my leisure with no paper attached to the reading.


I am sitting here at my desk at the real estate office, my mind is drifting in thought, when I should be working. I cannot help but think about my friend John Dobbs in this time of loss. You can read his thoughts about the death of his son at his blog site. The link is on my page.

John is a wonderful guy who really has been a friend to so many. For many of us, the man John Dobbs became known to us because of horrible storm named Katrina. He and the congregation where he was preaching worked tirelessly to help those in need and to help restore the community to some normalcy.

Because of his loss, I have thought a lot about my family lately. I love my family so much and cannot imagine what life would be like without them. I need to be more coherent to the needs of my wife and kids. I wish all of you would pray for John Dobbs and his family while they go through this time of heartache and pain. John I want you to know that I do not know what to say except that I love you and am praying for you.

I do not give enough credit to my wife for making me a happy person. Karen supports me in all my decisions and is often my sounding board. She is not quick to criticize but she lets me know when I may be wrong or thinking in the wrong direction.

She is a wonderful mother and a great wife. I could not ask for a better lady. She is beautiful and smart. Thanks honey for the support and love.



I wanna race…


I have always been a big race fan. Only stock cars, dirt, etc… no road course racing. Even when I was younger I wanted to race. I would race my 3-wheeler on trails against myself or against a friend. I remember watching Richard Petty on tv a time or two when I was a kid and as I grew older I began to watch NASCAR. My big brother helped foster that love for racing by being a fan and taking me to a NASCAR race at Talledega Super Speedway. Now all these years later I am still watching and loving it. I know I could have been a good driver, but I never really got the chance.

I think now I would like to race with Auston. I would like to start my own race team. I wish I could find a good partner to go into racing with, someone who knows about cars and could teach Auston and I. I would love to learn more about building and repairing racing cars. So if anybody out there is looking for someone to build a race team with, I am your guy. I want to drive and I also have some sponsership and could come up with a little money. I would like to start the ’09 season, but would be willing to wait until ’10 to actually begin racing. I would love to let Auston learn for a few years and then put him behind the wheel. He may have some of my racing blood in him, and if he does he would do well.

Don’t you love dreamin…

But who knows maybe someday


We had a great trip to Missourri in April. We were only there for a couple of days. Auston killed a great turkey and Abigail and Timmy had fun too. We got to visit with Karen’s dad and other family. Ken and Sue are always a great host and it always fun visiting and catching up on what has been going on. Ken is retired now and spends more time on the farm. Sue is still at the hospital. This is my favorite family visit every year.


My family has finally decided on a new church home. The Christian Church of Jacksonville is our new home. It is relatively small, but a great bunch. There is about 40 people or so and growing. Russ Lance is the teaching minister there and does a great job. They have offered me the position of your and worship minister. Karen and I look forward to our time there. There will be more to come later.

On the 16th it will have been a year since the loss of our friend. Please be sure and pray for the family during this time. I will be resuming blogging.

God Bless All